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Magpie Mysteries
Magpie Mysteries is a project initiated in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain. The Qxr team has created ten chapters of a prequel/backstory to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, designed as an AR mobile narrative leading into a location-based AR-enhanced theatrical experience. The long term goal is to develop a series of similar prequel stories in the Shakespeare Cinematic Universe, across a range of media (Mobile AR, Headset, PC, LBE, TV & Film).



QXR Studios is an international team of veteran storytellers, game designers, and technical innovators. ​ We are a transmedia creative studio building rich interactive worlds using emerging technologies.



Graeme Devine

Technology, Game Design 

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Veteran game developer with more than 30 years of success across multiple platforms, technologies and major titles.  He co-founded Trilobyte, a gaming company that created bestselling games The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, and helped design id Software's Quake III Arena. He was Chairman of the International Game Developers Association from 2002–2003. Graeme was up until recently at Magic Leap in his role as AR/VR Wizard.

Andy Lanning


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Andy has worked for over 30 years as a storyteller; both as a writer and artist creating stories, characters and storyworlds across comics, books, magazines, TV and film, including  Guardians of the Galaxy. More recently, he spent 8 years at Magic Leap as Executive Creative Director wearing a variety of hats and helping to define the company's creative ethos and developing the possibilities that the new platform and technology of AR/VR presented.

Naomi Augustine-Yee

Art Direction, Design

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Naomi has spent the last 15 years as a producer and R&D lead at companies such as Raytheon, Riot Games, and Magic Leap.  There she led the research, envisioning, and design of city-scaled use cases of AR/VR.  Her work has been deployed in areas of sustainability, urban planning, economics, and climate change in partnership with the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank.

Lou Doye

Executive Producer

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Emmy-nominated executive producer and artistic director Lou builds international collaborations and partnerships for the creation of immersive experiences, theatre and games using AR/VR, and film. She has worked with Meta, Atlantic Productions, Magic Leap, Royal Shakespeare Company, Rolls Royce, and BMW. Her most recent work with Sir David Attenborough is featured on Oculus Quest, Kingdom of Plants, Conquest of the Skies have featured as best in class for Venice film festival.


Prudence Fenton

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Award-winning producer, filmmaker, and  multimedia artist. Her work include MTV IDs, Pee-wee's Playhouse, animated Peter Gabriel Videos, Liquid Television, and Disney Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.
She has spent 11 years at Disney Imagineering R&D, and served as executive producer at Magic Leap.

Austin Grossman

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Austin’s creative work spans interactive narrative, literary fiction, theater and AR/VR design. His game work includes classics such as System Shock, Deus Ex and the BAFTA-winning Dishonored. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novels, Soon I Will Be Invincible, YOU and Crooked and Game Director at Magic Leap.

Sean Stewart

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Emmy winning writer and co-creator of the ARG genre, Sean is a leader in immersive storytelling. He has served as Creative Director / Design Director for AR/VR at Magic Leap. He has published twelve novels, including the million-selling Cathy’s Book, widely considered the first transmedia novel.

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Paul Bragiel

Paul is a 3 time entrepreneur turned investor. Through the multiple funds he’s created, he has participated as an investor or advisor in the seed/series A rounds of 400+ companies. This includes holdings in billion dollar companies like Uber, Unity, and Zappos.

Gavin Cunningham

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Gavin is an emerging tech enthusiast and futurist. He experiments in the entertainment economy and sees the long-term success for blockchain technologies. His latest project, Ey3k0n, lead by Rebel Studios, is a collectible NFT storyworld.


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