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Metropolis for Augmented Realtiy

In partnership with the Snap Ghost innovation program, QXR is taking on a creative R&D project to build a narrative-based demo in augmented reality.  We are unlocking the ability to navigate a 3D character around your physical room and interact with you and your furniture.

The Ship of the Dead

The Ship of the Dead is an augmented reality audiobook experience created by Qxr in partnership with international best-selling author, Kate Mosse.  We have brought one of Kate’s beloved ghost stories to life on your phone fusing immersive visual and sound design with narration by the author.


Metropolis Reborn

Metropolis Reborn is a WebXR based PC adventure game with mobile phone integration.  Set yeras after Metropolis Origins, on a ravaged Earth in 2287, after ecological destruction made it essentially uninhabitable. AI robots outnumber humans, most of which left Earth in The Big Lift to a distant star after humans failed to terraform the solar system.

Those who chose not to go live in the few megacities that remain, where the TVs are always on loud, and conspiracy theory (or reality?) abounds. 

Was The Big Lift all just A Big Lie? 

Scena_01_crime01 (1).png

Magpie Mysteries
Magpie Mysteries is a project initiated in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain. The Qxr team has created ten chapters of a prequel/backstory to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, designed as an AR mobile narrative leading into a location-based AR-enhanced theatrical experience. The long term goal is to develop a series of similar prequel stories in the Shakespeare Cinematic Universe, across a range of media (Mobile AR, Headset, PC, LBE, TV & Film).

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