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New Landing Page

So there’s a new website to connect to the game.

I did this to separate out the https and http connections and so we didn’t reload the wasm and data files twice. That was my urgent need.

I did that to make it all easier. It turns out that Unreal doesn’t support secure web sockets and I didn’t feel like a second proxy server to handle secure WSS to WS was a good idea, I already have the CORS proxy server running. I actually thought I could get rid of that when the game itself went back to HTTP but as soon as I gleefully tried that the first error I got was a CORS cross origin error so I guess the proxy server is here to stay. Somewhere, in some dark corner, some huge games like Minecraft have this type of proxy server running as well because of places like Starbucks in Cupertino Ca.

We also need a workflow to go from this page through our authentication to get to your WAX wallet and add your cards to it while you are authenticated but before you have converted your code to a token to play games (remember you exchange your authentication code for a token, exchange implies that the ouath code becomes null and void). So a landing page is necessary. I’m hoping for some Naomi genius there.

Multiplayer now works! Except for one BIG bug, player two doesn’t get any cards. I suspect this is because of stuff I’ve added/removed/modified/screamed at/offered to the gods this week in the odyssey that was getting this working and not anything crazy. So it’s only a needle in a virtual haystack. So I’m actually really happy about that because this last month has been needles in stacks on concrete.

And so the multiplayer disconnects after two turns because of this bug. Not that player two can do anything but end their turn on their go. :-)

BUT, the servers scale, a second server is spun up, the first server resets, and all the right things happen*

*The servers scale up to 8 players because I’ve only set it to 4 servers max. If you all play and reset quick, and play and reset quick, and play and reset quick to look at the bug, you will timeout looking games*

*There’s a second bug where it’s sometimes missing messages from the server like the connect and timeout. I’m going to worry about those next week, the messages are in the logs, they get received, but I chose to ignore them for some yet-to-be-revealed reason.

So for the first time in a long time, way too many evenings, I actually feel good about things not working right, because things are actually mostly working right except for stuff I probably broke on the way.

Anyway, lot of ground covered this week.



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