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Continued work on user login.

You can create an account now, it verifies your email, doesn’t allow multiple accounts from the same email address. Lets you use either your google login or create a user on our cloud.

You can test the login. Yes it can be prettier and yes it can hide the super long URL you see that I need to see right now so I can cut and paste those numbers into a debugger called postman I didn’t know existed yesterday.

I had to write a whole bunch of stuff for the tokens that users validate and invalidate and refresh and it was all through the REST API so it could be called from Unreal (so it was tedious to write). You get the sneaking suspicion sometimes when you are six hours into something and you’ve yet to see the light that you are on more of a fishing expedition than anything else, something to learn what you really need to do. Tokens expire after 60 minutes so I refresh them from Unreal after 59 minutes. Sessions expire after 3 days. I’m not going to deal with that.

All of this fries your brain. So I went for a walk. It’s super dry here and when I see a car pull over into the grass (as people from the city do with their big bicycle things, you want to yell). We have plenty of sandy dirt for them to park on too, I mean, there’s even an app.



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