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Another Productive Day!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Lots done today.

We now have and as streaming demo URLs live and working (well, when servers are up, I still spin them up and down manually because they are $$$). I added Kate’s narration to the SOTD hut scene, and although it’s a “ski lodge” it’s still nice to hear the narration as you go in. I did notice when I imported the narration file into audacity that it’s very low levels, we’ll need to adjust that when we record final narrations. I’ve attached a video of how that’s looking.

I started to notice that the disconnect on the demo was always exactly at 60 seconds after connect. That couldn’t be a coincidence, so I tracked down that AWS ALB (Amazon Load Balancing for those of you that didn’t follow along from yesterday) automatically closes down idle channels after 60 seconds. We are sending a ton of data on the encrypted user channel back and forth, but the web socket channel is only used for connect and disconnect, for now I’ve extended the timeout to 4000 seconds (that’s over an hour) but eventually I’ll need to add a ping/pong (think Marco Polo game) into the web socket loop.

I applied for a $1,000 AWS compute grant. Which is all of “in 50 words describe what you are doing” so we’ll see how that goes. But it would be nice to leave the servers online.

Nick and Sean kindly tested (and Sean crashed) the demo. I found the crash which was really awesome. I’ll need to use the accelerators to get latency down to acceptable levels in Europe where Nick reported over 100ms latency, but we’ll do a few more tests over 5G/wifi to see where we stand. Currently we are up to Deploy #8 on demo and Deploy #1 on sotd.

I’ve been looking more at the mobile HTML capture setup for WebRTC and while WebRTC is big on desktop as a transport it’s not so big on mobile. There’s been a few commercial apps. I’m going to need help polishing to HTML up. I am not a HTML person, honestly I’d do it all in web assembly or c++ if I could but there’s some stuff you just can’t get around. :-)


PS. Every week or so I drive my car because rodents have chewed out the brake cables in my car once. Ever since the wildfires we’ve had more of everything small and furry outside and apparently car brake lines are super awesome. Anyway, my co-pilot is always super excited to be on that adventure (we’re parked in this picture fyi).


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