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AR Ship of the Dead

Sorry for the lack of status. One second it’s February the next it’s the middle of March and there is just not enough seconds in the day to have meetings and code and design stuff.

I had two thoughts on Ship of the Dead over the weekend. I realized we’ve been barreling ahead on the design without really really thinking what we can be doing to break out a bit more. Maybe I’m crazy and you can all tell me to shut up. But hear and old sailor out.

One. A build of Ship of the Dead that is like Metropolis, that is, it’s an actual application for your desktop (Mac/PC) that runs on your desktop and has AR moments in it. This can be sold and be profitable for everyone but mostly be a very compelling version of the project. The narrative is fixed and still spoken, but the break out points in AR could actually put you into the conversations quite deeply. Using the technology you have in hand to almost haunt you would be really rather interesting and with your own computer doing the streaming it wouldn’t have a backend server to worry about.

Two. Watching Dream there is something to be said for doing a performance. If we were to stream our performances nightly rather than on demand it’s possible to a) sell tickets to that and b) add the fabric of the audience to the narrative by giving them the roll of the villagers. This also allows more flexibility on the streaming side to pull more servers into a single performance and be highly cost effective on the back end but actually provide a better overall experience. I don’t see people complaining about having to wait for a performance of Dream, and I don’t think we would have a barrier here either.

Anyway, probably silly thoughts but thoughts nonetheless I wanted to get down on paper before they passed into the night.



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