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Card and Board Mockup!

Well, busy. Okay, I’ll update that a bit more. You may remember that I wrote a card engine that works online via the web and that I’ve written the odd card game or two in my lifetime. One of which is actually featured by Apple this week in the “Things we Love” section of the Mac App Store! Yay! Someday I’ll have to charge for that app… Well, I’ve been head down working around the clock on this thing, which I call “Metropolis Origins” so we can launch it next month and it’s starting to look and play okay! To recap, you purchase a deck (which is an NFT) which contains 50 cards (you play with 50 cards) and you can purchase additional packs (also NFTs). You make up your best deck to play with which must always consist of 50 cards (anyone familiar with Magic the Gathering which did okay as a card game knows this). Each card has an ability that you can play but also has a cost, as you play you can play your stronger cards. The idea is to knock the life out of your opponent. If you’ve played Hearthstone, which is another card game which has done okay, you’re very used to this as well. The game also has properties, the default one being Metropolis Heights (aka “the streets”) which adds abilities to certain cards. The game is playable on the web (it requires Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Safari is supported in the new macOS Monterey out in September) but not quite ready for beta testing by you all yet but if you want to prepare you might want to familiarize yourself with the Hearthstone tutorial levels (which are against an AI). Graeme.

PS. If you got this email three times it’s because of Microsoft Outlook which I have now burnt to the ground.


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