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Cel Animation

Well hopefully you are all beating the AI on Metropolis Origins by now. In case you missed it, I posted a bunch of instructions to the Slack channel on how to play the game. By “bunch” I mean some scratches written on a napkin. I really need to add a password to the website which I didn’t get to today but I’m calling it a day.

I’ve spent a great deal of today trying to get the most up to date version of emscripten that doesn’t fake pthreads (and therefore doesn’t work with Firefox) and am now on my six millionth recompile of all of Unreal and each compile takes over an hour and doesn’t run unattended.

So now I’m six million hours older.

You may of noticed the new look for the characters in the cards. Yup, they changed. This is actually their third change, they have slowly gone from being “realistic 3D” to “Scooby Doo 3D” to “cel animation 3D”. I’ve always been a fan of this look in movies like Akira and bringing it life in 3D has been awesome, I’ve attached a screenshot which was brought to you by a great many Unreal crashes and finally a glass of whisky.



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