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Huge Milestone!

Hopefully you all saw the video.

Pose via web on a phone via streaming! Yay!

Still have to do the tap to recenter, and while I get a matrix I’m not getting an offset yet there’s some NaNs going on there still.

But today was a huge milestone.

This also brings me to the second part of today, a new form of streaming.

Learning about AWS and about the how streaming works has had me thinking a lot. How do I do something huge but only use one server?

To that end, I’ve worked on merged streams.

The idea is that there is a common stream, think of this as the intro to Metropolis with the big road and sign reveal. It’s lots of rendering all the flash. Everyone sees that at the same time. We only render it once. Then we merge over that our second scene, a simpler to render frame that we can add for each and every player. A puzzle move in a game like 7th Guest. A nice robot skin for your zoom. An individual message from the author. The overlay is unique to the player but the background is communal.

This is very server friendly. Many people can share and run on the same server. Saves a ton of $$$. Does mean a clever think on game design.

But I think it has the potential to be a) extremely profitable. b) incredibly unique to QXR.

Merged streams, pose. Good day.



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