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MetaHuman, Cat on Zoom, & More...

So I actually heard from Stadia tonight. I tweeted about them the other day, basically saying how they had an awesome platform that had never really been used well and that it was a shame they didn’t talk to developers like me. I recounted my “I’m not AAA enough” story.

So tonight they wrote saying sorry, but that they were prioritizing resources to important developers. And that was that. I guess we’re not working with Stadia.

BUT. Lots of cool awesome things happened today that are part of what we’re doing.

Our work to drive virtual humans via the web was validated greatly by Epic’s new MetaHuman Creator. This is HUGE good news for us.

And the cat on zoom video going viral make me think people want to look like they are living virtually somewhere else.

I mean, it could equally be this.

With a living futuristic background and you as a robot, or as one of those new Epic MetaHumans.

The zoom filter is something we should add to pitches. Imagine a zoom filter that was the throne room of some middle earth empire with you, a grand wizard, large eagles swing by outside the windows. Yeah, I think people would like that.

Work wise, I’m starting to test the pose environment. I have really got to improve the HTML so I can do more of a Stadia like thing and take over the computer or phone screen for these demos. The only fun thing there is the weird amount of time I spend making my blueprints look neat.

This blueprint restarts the narration when a player connects but also receives the accelerometer data and puts it into a float array. I wish I had taken a picture of the mess it was when I had hacked, I mean finished it in the first place. It’s like undoing a knot.

Our friend Rob Taylor has also been storyboarding Metropolis gameplay. It’s really excellent. Here’s a little tease.



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