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Metropolis Robot Test

Four deploys to AWS today, starting number five. Each one takes about an hour. Number four lost the sound stream and instances don’t restart once I shut them down (which they need to do to spin up and spin down for scaling, it’s possible that’s always been a problem since I just started to test the scaling). Here’s video from number four. Think of talking signs, city sounds and zooms from the car. The demo resets to the city zoom for everyone who connects and then ends up on the robot showing our body capture tech.

I’m adding an SSL certificate to so we can use that as the URL, it’s been in it’s “validation required” loop to make sure we own the domain for a few hours. There is approximately 3 bazillion steps in getting an SSL certificate associated with a node.js instance on AWS (we need that for https without the annoying “this website is not trusted” screen).

We’re at 60fps with about 10ms latency from AWS to my house in California (which, granted, has 1gb internet).

As you can see in the video motion capture is pretty smooth. I do constrain the robot arms and don’t articulate the hands/fingers yet.

Sorry for the shorter update today, tired, feel like I’m failing, bit of a headache, and calling it a day. I’ll be awesome again tomorrow.



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