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Property Cards

Slight emergency today. Our AC went out. 11lb of freon later it’s back but apparently we’re looking at a new AC unit. Also, freon costs a lot.

Today I have been deploying a build as the Internet in my house also failed. As it gets warmer here throughout the day my Internet slowly goes away. Around 4pm it goes down completely for about 30 minutes and then comes back. The community I live in has 800 homes and the cable company has the infrastructure in here for 200, when some of the boxes get warm in the summer they fail. It’s talked about on Nextdoor. It’s a thing. When I suggested in 2017 that we think about a 10 year plan for infrastructure in our community like roads, internet and maybe even god forbid sidewalks so I feel safe walking my dog.... Well people still bring that up.

So it’s been a day.

But I’m also adding new cards, PROPERTY cards. These cards are requirement cards for some of the ability cards. You start the game on streets of Metropolis where plenty of the cards can be played, but in order to play some of the more powerful cards you have to also establish a property. A property card converts a defense position to that property and it can’t be destroyed.

There are four properties, Millies, Police Station, Coffee Shop, and Zoom Tube Station.



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