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Travel and Development

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I fly back to California on Thursday to head into a two week sprint to try and get Metropolis Origins to an alpha. We are testing it right now (and thank you everyone, and I’m glad you all like it). There are bugs. I fixed some of them today but that’s introduced a new bug that stopping me from deploying an update (it crashes when you click on a card) so you’ll need to wait until I compile Unreal enough to make it bend to my will.

I’ve been messing with the card design tonight trying to make the health, attack and cost of the card more obvious. The board version is pretty good but we have the fourth “property” value to figure in there as well and I want them to be really obvious when you glance at the card. I’m also tidying up card coloring (which was random) and beginning to look at ways I can play Andy Lanning online. It might have to be on an iPad to begin with since this is going to involve some AWS server reflection code magic (which I can reuse from the WebRTC stuff) but it’s so easy on iOS to just call “hey, give me a game lobby”.

Of course to do that, I’ll need to procure an iPad. I also need to install the beta of macOS Monterey to make sure my promise of this working with Safari there is actually true…

I’ve been meaning to get the new iPad and I have to spend $500 with Apple by the end of June on my M1 Developer Hardware Kit rebate return so that looks pretty good, I was hoping they would have a new M2 something out by now but oh well.

I got an awesome music track from Nick which is already in the build, I just can’t quite deploy it for all yet. :-)

My last crazy project like this we did on this kind of schedule was Two Bit Bub. It was awesome. I made it with Ann Marie Harbor, Spencer Lindsey, Paul Reynolds and Michelle Childs, we even got our own cool trailer.

Spencer and I walked to our cars in the Santa Cruz Nextspace parking lot every night at 4am and I was always “I’m so sorry I got you involved in this, I’m so sorry I have you up until 4am again” and we would laugh. Ann Marie would bring me Guinness to make new features happen and Michelle could spot retina bugs in the UI that I couldn’t even see.


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